Custom Enclosure Solutions

Custom Enclosure Solutions designed for your specific project

CORN provides comprehensive custom enclosure solutions for clients who care about their brand and the quality and experience they provide to their customers.


For many projects, the need for a custom enclosure solution tailored to specific environmental conditions is critical. These can be large scale one-off items or multiple different enclosures throughout a project. We work with clients to develop the right solution.


For those bidding on projects, we offer clients competitiveness by providing enclosures with superior performance and reliability, in a highly cost-effective manner. Furthermore, CORN also provides documentation solutions necessary for maximising the likelihood of winning jobs.

Custom Switchboard Enclosures

CORN provides a highly competitive solution to switchboard builders. We can turn around switchboards and delivery quality, all in a short lead time.

Custom Switchboard Enclosure 01

Custom Control Panel Enclosures

CORN is highly experienced in custom made control panels. We work with engineers on mining projects which often requires to protect electrical gear in harsh environment. Our extensive knowledge of ingress protection allows us to build control panels that is cost effective.

Motor Control Cabint Enclosure

Custom LCS/LCP Enclosures

Local control stations and marshalling cabinets are our specialty. Often done in multiple compartments, we can tailor to your specific requirement. Find out how we can solve design, engineering and manufacturing problems for you.

Local Control Station
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Our Customer Enclosure Solution services include participation in project development with clients to assist them in meeting project specifications or develop the required specifications. Those services include:


  • Site visits & inspection
  • Enclosure design
    • Feature requirements
    • Installation & shipping requirements
  • Engineering services
    • Water & Dustproof (IP rating) solutions
    • Climate control solutions
    • Condensation solutions
    • Physical protection & security
    • Various details such as hinge, viewing window & gas strut optimization
  • Manufacturing solutions
    • Manufacturability consultation
    • Detailed construction design
    • Detailed production instructions
    • Quality standards
    • Complete production
  • Documentation solutions
Custom Enclosure Tall
Custom Enclosure Lined UP
Custom Enclosure Latch
Custom Enclosure Doors