Aluminium Enclosures

Aluminium Enclosures For Industries

Economical 5052 H32 Aluminium enclosures are excellent in a variety of industrial applications


Uses include solar battery storage, telecommunication cabinets, lift stations, traffic control equipment, and water and waste water treatment applications.

CORN Enclosures manufactures aluminium electrical enclosures needed to perform well in harsh, high-heat, high-wear environments are generally made of strong and durable aluminium alloys.  Aluminium is light weight, provides superior corrosion resistance (especially hydrogen sulphide) and high heat dissipation due to its excellent heat conduction characteristics.


For the purposes of aluminium electrical enclosure manufacturing, CORN Enclosures specialises in using 5000 series aluminium for sheet material and the 6000 series material for extruded angle and flat bar. Magnesium is one of the most effective and widely alloying elements in 5000 series aluminium. The 5052 alloy provides good welding characteristics and is resistant to corrosion.


Silicon and magnesium are widely used alloy elements in the 6000 series.  6061 is one of most versatile of these heat-treatable alloys and is a popular choice for extruded angle and flat bar.  We have used 6061 grade aluminium for gland plates because it has a higher tensile strength which means it is more rigid. 5052 is more suitable for forming (bending in a break press) where 6061 will crack along the bend.



  • 5052 H32 aluminium
  • Fully welded construction
  • Double “channel” return
  • Pour in place gasket
  • UV protective powder coat

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