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Corrosion Resistant

One of the most important feature of meter-boxes is its ability to withstand corrosion. In addition to the day to day weather, meter boxes are subjected to acid when builders remove mortar stains from clay brickwork. CORN meter box uses high quality galvanized steel that is 3x more durable.

Solid Construction

We do not skim on material. CORN meter boxes are constructed using THICK 1.2mm steel and expertly welded together. Nor do we skim on process. Our meter boxes are manufactured under a certified ISO9001 quality system. Each box is precisely processed using state of the art CNC machinery. The resulting structural integrity simply protects and look better.

Cost Effective

CORN meter boxes are designed to make life easier and save you money. Removable parts enables flexible installation; deburred edges and round tapered corner prevent injury (which also speed up operations). Pre-drilled gear board saves you labour and tooling. Knock out holes are precisely cut with laser for easy access without compromising protection.


  • Z275 galvanized steel for extra resistance to rust. Perfect protection against acids used in cleaning bricks
  • 1.2mm heavy duty materials ensures solid protection for the gear inside
  • Stainless Steel hinges to ensure decades of smooth operation
  • Aluminium blind rivets that is perfect for outdoors
  • Quality compressed phenolic board with pre-drilled holes to reduce labour cost
  • Fully deburred edges to minimise costly OHS risks and promotes faster operation
  • Carefully welded construction provides a sturdy box that can withstand a good beating
  • Aluminium blind rivets that is perfect for outdoors
  • Cable entry at the back and bottom of the enclosure
  • Door featuring a “click-in” design the prevent from being blown open by wind
  • Stainless Steel strut to keep the door open at 110 degrees
  • Removeable door and gear plate for easy installation.
  • Hinges design for easy access

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