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Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

Do your enclosures come with mounting pan?

Yes, mounting pans are included in all our enclosures by default. Unless explicitly specified, you can expect the mounting pan to be included as part of the enclosures. There is no extra charge for the mounting pan

How long does it take to manufacture custom enclosures?

Short answer: 6-8 weeks.

Long answer: Depends: 

– Do you need design/engineering or do you already have all the manufacturing data ready? It takes time to come up with drawings/schematics with specifications (like building a house or a plane)

– How many different models or variations are there? Each model or variation will require a separate set of specification/drawing, production documentations, machine setup and quality control processes

– How many units per model? The difference between making 100 units of 1 model and 100 models with 1 units each… these are 2 very different jobs.

– How large is your order? Batch processing is faster with economy of scale. A dedicated container can speed things up. If your volume is low, your lead time will be impacted by co-shipment with other customers. If your volume can fill a container, it gets on priority processing with minimal processing steps

– How complex is your enclosure? Are they simple boxes? Do they require lots of features like brackets? Colours? fasteners?

– Macro-economic factors: Pandemic, shipping shortages, etc.

How do I know if my enclosures will be good?

Well, for starters, large projects and big customers trusts us. They have very stringent requirements.

Second, we have operation both in Australia and overseas managing our very own production. You are not talking to some remote supplier who doesn’t have to be held accountable, or some sort of reseller in Australia who just pass the job to some unknown fabricator in China. 

Third, we follow a quality process where we will develop drawings and specifications for your enclosures, so that you can hold us accountable for compliance to those standards.

Forth, you can check your product during production, when its finished and before its shipped with photos and videos. You can also check the products when they arrive at our Australian warehouse. If you want, you can request measurements for key parameters of your products before they are shipped

Fifth, rest assured we will do everything in our power to help you get up and running, shall any issue arises

Do you have someone local to help fix problems?

Yes, although our manufacturing facilities is overseas, we have expert fabricators that we worked with for many years in the case something needs fixing or if any modifications needs to be done.

Why don't you manufacture locally?

We would love to manufacture locally (if we could). We do try to keep as many local operators as possible, but how many people do you know who loves to work in a factory making boxes in Australia? The labour market simple do not allow us to have a sustainable guarantee of quality manufacturing in Australia. Most people will HATE making boxes, even when its for other Australians, and they don’t feel appreciated by the customers either.

I have Chinese supplier quoting me cheap, why are you expensive?

If you want to take the risks and costs of managing quality, yes you can go cheap. BUT… If you want things done with Australian quality, if you want to spend your time growing rather than infinite details…. well then, we are the most cost effective solution you can find, consider all those hidden costs.

Cost of translation, communication, documentations, export, import, local shipment, duty and taxation, rapid and direct feedback from the workshop floor, reports, customer site visits, post sales support. These are the things that makes the difference between growing or getting drowned in headaches