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CORN Industrial Enclosures

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What Is CORN About?

CORN Industrial Enclosures helps thousands of Australians protect their electrical equipment. A one stop shop for the functional design, compliance engineering and quality manufacturing of electrical enclosures.

Our clients typically work on industrial projects in natural resources and infrastructure, such as Mining, Railway, water or chemical treatment, where highly specialized enclosures and stringent quality control is critical for project success.

Who we are

We love manufacturing, we like clean efficient processes, the purity of getting things right. We love how the machines and people run in unison, tuning out things that make life a little easier, and the world a little better

Making Enclosures let us do that. Our greatest joy comes from helping our customers giving birth of their ideas into the physical world and seeing them fulfilling their destined purpose. Nothing make us  happier than seeing our clients filling those enclosures with their electrical parts – with a smile in their faces.

Our Values

Our customers are our priority. We believe that the more we can help our customers, the better it is for us. By committing to quality, we can get better and better at helping our customers. We love working with people who share the same value with us, be it suppliers who are obsessed with controlling consistent , or the automation guy who dreams of more efficient laser cutting every day. There is no alternative to spending your days with people passionate about the same things.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: we offer great service, with top-notch products, in a way we know you’ll feel comfortable. We aim to prove, day in and day out, that you don’t need to compromise on either the quality of your enclosures or how you handle your business. At CORN, you get outstanding enclosures done professionally. That’s our handshake promise!

Vision Statement

We know contractors and subcontractors in Australia don’t care for the mundane, unnecessary suite and-tie nonsense that sometimes makes its way into projects. You handle your business properly, and you want to work with people who can do the same. That’s us: we understand enclosures, and we do so, without any of the stressful formalities.

How Do We Do It?

CORN Industrial Enclosures focuses on quality manufacturing. This means that we use the highly strihgent ISO9001 standard to manage our production processes. In addtion to management, we also use the latest Industry 3.0 technologies to bring a whole new level of manufacturing capabiltiies.

With CORN, you can get the compliance and assurance needed to run a smooth business. Our team of professionals have extensive experience and can deliver the enclosures that will help get your job done easier.

1 - Pre-production

With an in-house enginnering team, the first thing we do is to get the information right.

Our engineering team will make sure your requirements are captured and any potential problems are resolved

Then we plan our production schedule and create instructions for our staff as well as the machines.

2 - Fabrication

Our manufacturing facility is fittted with the latest machines with high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Using the most advanced machines, our highly skilled operators build your enclosures to your exact specifications.

Combined with well trained staff, the manufacturing process is simple and smooth, resulting in quick turnaround time as well as high level of compliance

3 - Quality Management

Every step and every process of production is managed with a ISO9001 quality management system.

With a quality management system, we can ensure a high level of compliance

This way, you can rest assured that projects wont be delayed and any errors or mistakes will be managed to remove future occurance.


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