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Custom Enclosure Manufacturing

The most cost effective enclosure solution for electrical projects. Ideal for mass deployment applications.


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CORN's Custom Enclosure Manufacturing Solutions

In need of a solution for your custom electrical enclosure needs? CORN Enclosures has got you sorted. We get the importance of cost optimization and streamlinin’ production processes, which is why we offer custom solutions to help you manufacture quality products at a competitive price

Streamline production, reduce costs

CORN’s custom electrical enclosures can streamline production and reduce costs through standardization of components, optimized space utilization, increased efficiency, improved material utilization, and enhanced safety. These design elements result in reduced handling times, material costs, and production downtime, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective production process.

Quick turn-around times

With speedy lead times of just 6 to 8 weeks, you can meet customer demand and stay ahead of the competition by delivering products faster. 

Our efficient logistic solutions can help you manage your supply chain with ease, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Quality manufacturing

We’re deadset on giving you the best quality electrical enclosure manufacturing services at CORN Enclosures. Our processes meet customer expectations and industry standards, helping you maintain a top-notch reputation and keep warranty costs low. With this level of quality, you’ll be able to capture more business and stay ahead of the competition.

How does it work?

It’s Super Easy!

Call us and tell us what you need

Review estimate and place order

Review drawings and start production

Shipment and Payments

Focus on innovation

When you partner with us for electrical enclosure production, you can free up resources and focus on giving your customers innovative solutions. With us taking care of the production, you can redirect your attention to enhancing your offerings and delivering top-notch customer experiences. This’ll keep you ahead of the competition and attuned to your customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences

Support and Service

At CORN Enclosures, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer support to help our OEM partners achieve even better customer service. We communicate effectively and quickly resolve any issues that arise, fostering customer loyalty and driving long-term success.


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