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We get it - There's so much to do, and so little time....

Your customer is squeezing you and your competitor is pumping up the pressure. Time is money and every second counts! We know your concern and that’s why we have solutions for you!


  • Detailed and clear specification right from the start. With CAD drawing & clear requirements. Simple communications, get exactly what you want
  • Quality control ensures things are done in one go without fixing
  • Systematic production management system ensures fasts processing of multiple projects
  • Automated robotics and CNC operations for accuracy & consistency


  • Work with simple specifications only, Often just some hand drawing. Back & forth with communications, might end up with something different
  • No quality control system. Error prone and need time fixing
  • Depends on the workshop manager's talent and mood during the day
  • Mostly many and some CNC processes, prone to errors and human variables