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CORN Enclosure Systems manufacturing facility operates with proven manufacturing processes using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes ensuring your products are engineered to meet the required standards. We manufacture high quality environmentally rated electrical enclosures, manufactured from powder coated carbon steel, 5052 Aluminum and 304 or 316L Stainless Steel. Our technological competencies include the Amada press brakes, the laser cutting, engraving/embossing machinery, CNC foam in place gasket machine.

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Stainless Steel Enclosure System Overview


The Stainless Steel enclosures provide maximum protection for your electrical gear. Featuring marine grade 316L stainless steel for extra corrosion resistance. These enclosures are ideal for applications such as water treatment, waste treatment, food, cosmetics or chemical plants. The anti-corrosive properties of 316L also makes these enclosures suitable for maritime environments and area known to suffer from periodic acid rain, or any area where the environment is not so forgiving. Our premium stainless steel enclosure, the Pegasus, is certified to conform to IP68, making it completely dust and water proof. Your equipment will be protected from moisture or dust interference meaning a boost in up-time and an extended life-time. Learn More>>>>>>

Aluminium Enclosure System Overview


Economical 5052 H32 Aluminium Enclosures Are Excellent In A Variety Of Industrial Applications. Uses include solar battery storage, telecommunication cabinets, lift stations, traffic control equipment and water and waste water treatment applications. CORN Enclosures manufactures aluminium electrical enclosures needed to perform well in harsh, high-heat, high-wear environments are generally made of strong and durable aluminium alloys.  Aluminium is light weight, provides superior corrosion resistance (especially hydrogen sulphide) and high heat dissipation due to its excellent heat conduction characteristics. Learn More>>>>>

Mild Steel Enclosure System Overview


CORN Enclosures uses cost effective carbon steel in manufacturing safety rated electrical enclosures. These are designed for general indoor and outdoor use where exposure to the effects of corrosion will not be an issue. Learn More>>>>>

IP68 Pegasus Enclosure System Overview


IP68 Pegasus Enclosures are our flagship, fully welded solution for outdoor applications. They are certified up to IP68 and can protect against the harshest environments. The stainless steel version offers great corrosion resistance and the mild steel versions offers UV-stabilizing surface coating. We also have an aluminium version that has both corrosion resistance and UV-stabilizing surface, plus a sturdy construction in a light-weighted body. Learn More>>>>

Residential Meter boxes for NSW

Top quality with consistent supply. Our in-house design team work closely with our customers to engineer better designs that is safer and easier to us. Our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility enables us to continuously improve on build quality. Our local warehouse and partners ensures smooth supply to customers. Learn More>>>>>